Paint a Mossy Heart Wreath

You can paint a mossy heart wreathe for Spring decor.  A fast and easy painting tutorial in acrylics.

I got the idea to paint a mossy heart wreath when I was creating my faux wood grain painting tutorial.  I just thought it would make a fun Spring painting project.

You can paint the faux wood finish on paper, canvas or a painted board. Once it is dry, draw your heart shape chalk to give yourself a guideline.

In the painting video at the end of this post I show the wood grain going vertically and in the photos I have it going horizontally.  The choice is yours.

heart wreath chalked out to paint

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Underpainting of Heart Wreath

Using the larger scruffy brush in the Plaid Folk Art Donna Dewberry brush set  tap on a white undercoat. You can use a sponge to do this but that is messier than I like, the scruffy brush does a fine job.

paint white undercoat of heart wreath

Keep your touch light, I got the top part a little thicker than I wanted but it still will work just fine.

Let the white dry. Clean your scruffy brush well (scruffy brushes don’t behave for me when they are damp) or use a different scruffy for the next step.

Add greens to wreath

Tap in the Thicket, dark green color over the white.

It does not need to be perfect nor do you need to cover the white completely. You want some white showing to be the under color for the lighter green.

Add Thicket, dark green, to the heart wreath

See how the green started to blend with the white, that is because that section was not dry yet.  I did not let this bother me but it is not what I wanted, next time I will be sure to let the white undercoat dry completely before continuing on.

Next repeat with the Citrus Green, lighter green. This is the main color I want to shine on this wreath, the other two colors were to just give this one dimension and vibrancy.

Adding Citrus Green to painted heart wreath, Pamela Groppe Art

Go all the way around the heart wreath with the Citrus Green. Keep it light, you want the Thicket to peek through but do cover the Wicker White.

Chalk in the Design

Once dry use chalk to sketch where you want to paint the violets.  I am not precise nor will I necessarily stay within these lines, they just give me an idea of composition.

painted heart wreath with design drawn on with chalk, pamela groppe art

Paint Leaves on the Mossy Heart Wreath

I start by painting my leaves.  Want a more detailed tutorial on painting leaves, just click here.

Using a #12 flat brush and double loaded with the Citrus Green and Thicket paint on the leaves.  You can still see the chalk lines, no problem I just rub them off with my fingers.

paint leaves on heart wreath

Paint flowers on the wreath

Now paint on the violets (or flowers of choice).  In the video you will see I started with a darker purple for the back setting violets, then added the lighter violets on top.

I have a complete How to Paint Violets post that shows you 2 different ways to paint violets that is a more detailed lesson.

For different flowers you may prefer to paint on this wreath try Paint a Pansy, or Paint a Simple Daisy

Paint Quick and Simple Violets

Put a dot as a center point to come to with you strokes, paint 4 petal strokes to create a sort of X.  Wild violets or dog violets have bottom petals that go downward and not straight out to the sides.  They don’t need to be perfect. (I say that a lot)

You my find this post helpful for learning Basic Painting Strokes.

Paint petal strokes to begin violets

Now add the center bottom petal with a bit more pressure to begin with to create a wider petal.

painting violets step by step

Add the details with a good liner brush and the Perfect Purple. (a darker purple)

Paint whisker details on centers of violets

Paint the violets in layers on your mossy heart wreath. Darker to the back and lighter to the front.

violets on mossy heart wreath

I added an upside down V to the centers in Wicker White with the liner brush for added detail on the lavender violets and the upside down V on the darker purple violets is in Lavender not white.

Finishing Up

Paint the violets on the rest of your wreath, and add some buds and vines too. The buds are included in the entire dedicated to painting Violets I linked to earlier in this post.

Paint violet buds for added detail

Before you know it you will have a lovely wreath to hang anywhere you would like.

Give it a good coat of varathane, I have the one I like the best listed in my Basic Painting Supplies post.

Painted mossy heart wreath with violets, pamela groppe art

More flower lessons you can paint on your Mossy Heart Wreath, How to Paint Lavender or you can paint Pretty Pink Roses.



Plaid FolkArt Multi Surface Paints (available at most hobby supply stores)
Wicker White
Citrus Green
Light Lavender
Perfect Purple

This post is essential to long brush life, I mentioned this in my video How to Care for you Brushes for long life.

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Mossy heart wreath painting with violets and text overlay, Paint this step by step, free painting lesson with video, pamela groppe art

Supply list and brief instructions

Yield: 1

Paint a Mossy Heart Wreath with Violets

Painted mossy heart wreath with violets, pamela groppe art

Step by step painting lesson on painting a mossy heart wreath with violet flowers

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Plaid FolkArt Multi Surface Paints (available at most hobby supply stores)
  • Wicker White
  • Thicket
  • Citrus Green
  • Light Lavender
  • Perfect Purple


  • Donna Dewberry Brushes


  1. Paint faux wood background(optional)
  2. Sketch Heart with chalk
  3. Using pouncer brush undercoat heart with Wicker White
  4. Let Dry
  5. Using pouncer Go over with Thicket (dark green)
  6. Let Dry
  7. Pounce on Citrus Green (light green)
  8. Let Dry
  9. Sketch on leaves and violets with chalk
  10. Paint leaves with #12 flat brush
  11. Use #6 or #8 flat brush to Paint violets in layers (a filbert will work too)
  12. Finish with details of buds and vines
  13. Enjoy


Use brushes to suit the size of your design, this can be made larger or smaller easily.

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Happy Painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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