Paint Fruit in Acrylics

If you’re new to painting, one of the best ways to start is by painting fruit. Not only are fruits relatively simple shapes, but they also come in a variety of colors. Today’s lesson, Paint Fruit in Acrylics, is a combination of many tutorials.

fruit painted on a diy crate in acrylics

Today, I’ll share all the lessons needed to paint fruit on this DIY Crate in acrylics. Each tutorial will walk you through each step so that you can create your own masterpiece! So get out your paints and let’s get started!

For the real-time video tutorial with a traceable pattern visit the shop here!

Surface to Paint Fruit

I made my own DIY Crate and shared how it is done here:

easy to make

DIY Rustic Crate

Build this rustic yet elegant wood crate. Paint it, distress it, or stain the wood for different looks. It’s so versatile and you can customize the size!

Using this crate is optional, you could paint this lovely design on any surface you choose. Have fun hunting thrift stores for something you could paint on!

Also, Hobby Lobby or Michaels carry wood crates of different styles and shapes.

Transfer pattern

I have an entire post on How to Transfer painting patterns to your surface. I use the simplest method though there are others.

Click Here for the Step by Step: After transferring numerous patterns this is the way I find it to be the quickest, least messy, and easiest.

traceable painting pattern for paint fruit in acrylics

This printable pattern is available below.

Next are all the lessons on each fruit, so you can paint this design. If you need extra help the full video lesson is available in my shop here.

Paint Strawberries

Bright and beautiful

Learn to paint Strawberries!

Learn how to paint luscious strawberries one easy stroke at a time.

There is another strawberry lesson and it is done on glass, check it out!

How to Paint Pears

easy and fun

How you can Paint Pears!

This painting tutorial breaks down the painting of pears for the beginner painter. Easy enough for everyone, including kids!

Like the strawberries lesson, there is also a lesson on painting pears on glass!

Painting Apples

simple yet lovely

Painting Apples

Learn to paint apples in this simple and fun tutorial. Beginner-friendly, acrylic painting lesson of an apple.

How to Paint Cherries

juicy and delicious

Paint Juicy Looking Cherries

In this painting lesson for cherries, I share how to paint cherries with a brush!

In the full-length video, I share another way you can paint cherries. Both work well.

Paint Blueberries in acrylic

the details make it

Paint Simple Blueberries

Blueberries are very straightforward to paint and anyone can do this. The details are what make these stand out as blueberries rather than just a simple circle!

Leaves, How to paint one easy stroke at a time!


How to Paint Leaves

Painting leaves is easier than you think and yet adds so much to our fruit and flower paintings.

See how easy it is to paint leaves one easy stroke at a time.

Utilizing each tutorial and putting them together for this design helps you to advance your painting skills.

Many of my tutorials on this site are for individual elements that you can combine for lots of custom designs.

rustic crate with painting of fruit on it

Each lesson has its own supply list. Just sign up or sign in to download the printable traceable for this Fruit Painting on a Crate today! It’s free.


traceable painting pattern for paint fruit in acrylics

Download and print, it will use two pieces of 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Align and tape together.

Happy Painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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