How to Paint Flowers on Soap

How to Paint Flowers on Bars of Soap, a simple tutorial for this wonderful gift idea.

These little inexpensive and plain bars of soap become great DIY hand made gifts.  Take them for your hostess, give as a nice little thank you or keep them for yourself.  They are so easy and fun.  Now on to how to paint flowers on soap.

The Soap

Start with plain bars of soap, the ones used in this post are Dial from the Dollar Tree. 

I found the scent to be a bit annoying so if you can find unscented it may be less irritating.

Seal the Soap before painting flowers

Paint on a sealing coat of Martha Stewart Decoupage or Plaid Folk art Mod Podge with the 3/4″ flat brush.

Any sheen of regular Mod Podge should work. I used the one I had on hand at the time which was the Glow in the Dark one.

(the video shows me doing this step) I will have a link to the brushes I use in the supply list below.

Note: The first video in this post is a quick overview. The real time with sound is at the end of this article.

I used the Martha Stewart Crafts, it was sent to me by Plaid Folk Art with a package of supplies to test out.  

It is glow in the dark, and let me tell you …it does glow.

I had to rush out to my studio the other night for something and for a moment I was a bit freaked out by these glowing rectangles on my painting table.  

My racing heart settled down once I remembered I had sealed a bunch of bar soaps with this glow in the dark decoupage.

Once the decoupage dries I paint on my designs.  In my video I explain how I practice first on paper to see what I want to do.

Pansy flower on soap

I meant to do two pansies on this one but after getting the first one half way painted I realized the way I had placed it was not conducive to another.  So I just added some buds and little daisies.

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paint pansy flowers on soap

Sunflower on soap

The sunflower I did first was a bit larger than the one I do in the video.  Just adjust brush size to get a larger one, and make a larger center to begin with. Though the small one is pretty too.

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paint sunflowers on soap

Violet flowers on soap

The violets may be the easiest to paint.  You can do these in many colors, it does not have to be purples.

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Purple flowers painted on soap, pamela groppe art

Red Poppy

The poppy one is fun, and though I did not include it in the video, I may come back and add just a video of the Poppy.  See post linked below to get more instructions for painting poppies.

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Seal the flower painting on soap

The last step was sealing it with the same decoupage as I began with.

Note: some shave off the ridges around the edges but I did not bother, it really does not detract from the design to me.  

I did have to wash off one bar as the design turned out really bad but I share how I fixed it in the video.

Now to the nitty gritty.  The Supplies list.

I have included links here for your convenience but you can find most of these items at your local hobby store or on Donna Dewberry’s website.  

I used Multi Surface paints for this project but the regular Folk Art or other brands of paint will work just fine too as it will be sealed with a coat of Decoupage.

You can switch out colors as well, just go with what you have if you can.


Donna Dewberry One Stroke Brush Set

Plaid Folk Art Paint
Yellow Ochre
Daffodil Yellow
Real Brown or Burnt Umber

Light Lavender (or you could just add white to lavender)
Complete List of my Go To Painting Supplies

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Give painting on soaps a try and enjoy all the painting tutorials on this website. Find out first when a new lesson is added!

Happy Painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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