Paint on Glass

Want to learn how to paint on glass? I show you how and what I use to do glass painting! Join me.

I like to use water based enamels to paint on glass. It is non-toxic, has no odor and is easy to clean up.

This works on all kinds of glass ware. Paint wine glasses, vases, jars and more.

Paint Glass

How to paint glass. Learn to paint wine glasses, vases, candle votive, bottles, glass mugs and more.

Want to see more glass paintings I have done? Here you go…

I love palm trees and I had a lot of fun painting them on this glass vase.

The sand was pounced on with a Scruffy brush or sponge pouncer.

Red poppies are rather hard to get opaque because of the nature of red paint but I like how they turned out.

I painted a few different poppy views.

I have been using Plaid Folk Art enamels and they have a few tips to share here.

Please enjoy and share!

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