Top 10 Painting Posts of 2019

Looking back on 2019 and what was popular with my readers helps to inspire me for the new year!

Reviewing what drew regular readers and my new visitors is a great way to see what resonates with everyone. And that helps me to prep for the new year and what I will bring to this website.

Some of the most popular are older painting lessons that really should get new videos and photos and may well soon. And then again they do show how I have progressed too.

But just in case you missed any of these lessons I am going to share them here from #10 all the way down to #1

Number 10

How to Paint a Chickadee Hugely popular for years this one has slipped down to #10 this time around. Anything I painted with Chickadees sells like hot cakes at shows and in shops. I need to add another lesson for the Mountain Chickadee, which is what we have here in the mountains of N. California.

Number 9

How to Paint a Poppy A fun lesson that can easily be added to a landscape. Paint a country barn in a field then in front paint these poppies in the colors of choice. (hm, I think I just gave myself an idea for an upcoming workshop)

Number 8

How to Paint Sunflowers for Beginners This lesson is one of those I spoke about. It needs updating, better photos and a better video. As you can see in the photos the watermark is from my other website and this lesson was one of the first lessons I did. I was just getting started recording painting lessons and I learned along the way.

How to Paint Sunflowers for beginners

Number 7

Paint Pink Tulips Well, what can I say, this one is a perfect example of a lesson needing updating. But it still gets the point across. I find it humorous the old t.v. in the background in the really bad video at the end of the post.

Number 6

Learn Basic Painting Strokes This lesson stays in the top 10 from year to year. Probably because many refer back to it during lessons. I can see where I need to improve this one and add some more to it. It gets you started on the terminology in the lessons so you understand what I am saying when I tell you to side load etc.

Number 5

How to Paint Yellow Roses This lesson was number one for a very long time. Yellow roses can be tough to paint but I show you how I am able to get them opaque and layered for a beautiful yellow rose.

Number 4

Paint Hydrangeas Fast and Easy This lesson is really and if you go to it you can really see how it can be improved yet it gets loads of visits. I don’t change it as obviously it serves many and they find it helpful. I do link to what I consider a better video lesson.

Number 3

Paint an Orange Pumpkin This lesson now has many companion tutorials with other types of pumpkins. It shoots back to the top each Fall. Painting pumpkins is super simple and it is easy to get an outcome you can be proud of.

hand painted orange pumpkin, learn how to paint, pamela groppe art

Number 2

Paint A Cardinal This one shoots to the top in winter. I have never seen a cardinal in person as they are not indigenous to California but painting them is so enjoyable. And when you add them to the Aspen lesson it makes for a great canvas painting.

Last but not least…..

Number 1

The most visited lesson this year is also the simplest! How to Paint a Simple Daisy. On a whim I decided to do this one and it shows me that no matter how simplistic a lesson is it has value to many. Anyone can paint this and feel proud of the end result.

hand painted daisy with text overlay, paint a simple daisy, pamela groppe art

And that, my friends, is the lessons that were the most popular this last year.

I have been adding many more and right at this moment I have been painting fruits and sharing how you can too.

Visit here to see which ones I have completed so far! They are so fun and I use them for vintage kitchen signs. They are very popular at art and craft shows.

For the new year I am planning some canvas painting workshops and more patterns.

Happy Painting!

Please PIN and Share! The more that join us the more I can add.

collage of painting lessons on pamela groppe art

Please enjoy and share!

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  2. Thank you for posting your top 10. There were a couple that I had missed.
    I appreciate all of the work that goes into your posts!

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